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Alto 1 - Bryn Van Vliet

Alto 2 - Frank Talbot

Tenor 1 - Oscar Laven

Tenor 2 - Louisa Williamson

Baritone - Eilish Wilson




Chris Fox

Kaito Walley

Damian Furlong

Kurt Gibson



Jack Harre

Ben Hunt

James Guilford

Chris Selley


Rhythm Section

Anita Schwabe

Dean Hunter

Rory Macartney

Lance Philip


Hire the band to perform at your event

Rodger Fox's Wellington Jazz Orchestra is the ideal band to perform at your event. We can put together a concert that suits whatever you want to do and whatever style you want. We have access to top vocalists that will turn your event into one to remember.

For more information please contact us and we can put together a package to suit you.

Hire the band to record your album

The RFWJO has experience in all aspects of producing and recording albums ​

We can put together a package that includes producing, recording, mixing and mastering with some of the most experienced professionals in New Zealand and the United States.

We have access to top arrangers including Grammy Award Winner Bill Cunliffe.

We have access to, as well as the RFWJO, many other professional musicians including String players from professional orchestras in Wellington.

Contact us and we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Session Musicians


We can supply musicians for backing bands for any requirements that you have. Our musicians are sought after for Session work and we can put together a band for any requirement. From a backing band for a television show to a pit band for a show.

We can cover all the bases and any requirements that your show may need. 

Contact us for more information.

(image by Ewa Ginał Cumblidge)

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